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Understanding God’s Sovereignty, p

Understanding God’s Sovereignty is a spontaneous flow of Theological thoughts intended to inspire and challenge Christians everywhere. It is also a strong message to the Unbelieving World to choose eternal life through the Provision of Redemption made possible through Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

A Sovereign God gives man a Free Choice and a Second Chance; and, therefore, expects man to choose eternal life.

Theo-Cosmos: A Scientific Description of the Universe from a Theological Perspective ,p

Theo-Coms answers the fundamental questions about the Universe and more. Theo-Cosmos recognizes an independent and external Cause, and places the emphasis not on the “Why”, but on the “How” of the Universe. It is not a question as to whether an Omnipotent God created the Universe. The question, certainly, is “How did an Omnipotent God create the Universe?” Of necessity, this question will take the human mind beyond the boundaries of time and space

28 Steps To Eternity, p

28 Steps To Eternity emphasizes the 3 major divisions of the Prophecy: The Pre-Tribulation Events, The Great Tribulation Events, and The Post-Tribulation Events. From these 3 divisions, 28 Prophetic Events are detailed, which will lead to the actual Millennium Reign of Christ. Yet, no one knows the day nor the hour of Christ’s Return.

The Exceeding Riches of His Grace, p

The entrance of sin into the Universe had changed the course of events and affected God’s relationship with His creatures; but Grace has reset it and reestablished that relationship. There could never have been a greater consequence of sin than the threefold consequence of death. Yet, Grace triumphs over death and brings immortality to life.

The Epistles herein considered deal exhaustively with Grace: its source, its application, and the effects of its application. However, most of their contents deal with the application of Grace to emphasize that the blessings of Grace extend beyond time to eternity. Though one cannot change one’s own nature, one can change one’s destiny by the opportunity offered by Grace. Grasp the opportunity with both hands while there is still time.

The Greatness of God’s Mercy, p

The Greatness of God’s Mercy is used to bring to focus the infinite mercy of God, which is not readily recognized as His omnipotence from the evidence of Creation. However, His mercy can be recognized from the evidence which spring from His relationship with man.

The book of Isaiah calls attention to the evidence of Divine mercy as mirrored from God’s relationship with Israel. The existence of the nation of Israel is the strongest evidence of Divine mercy.

Footprints In The Wilderness, Volume 1, p

The Book of Exodus introduces God’s omnipotence to the World and later reveals God’s holiness. It shows that there is a kind of infinity to sin which had to be limited by Divine mercy and love in order for the Universe to serve God’s eternal purpose.

Footprints In The Wilderness, Volume 3 p.

The Book of Numbers emphasizes the Divine value of human life; and, therefore, requires responsibility and accountability. This is best explained by the Numbering and the Numbering again of the Children of Israel, their order and encampment around the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, and their forward March to the Promised Land.

Another of the distinguishing feature of the Book of Numbers is its demonstration of Social Justice as seen in its allotments of the Promised Inheritance to each family of Israel. The Land Allotment was not only remarkable in meeting the material needs of each family, but also by setting the Universal Norm of Social Justice in providing for the outcast of Society as revealed by the Cities of Refuge.

Footprints In The Wilderness, Master Volume, p.

This Volume contains all the contents of all 3 books, Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers.

The journey of the Children of Israel from the Wilderness to the Promised Land was both a literal and spiritual one, in which more than 2,000,000 people participated. More than 4,000,000 footprints were left in the Wilderness. But since Israel journeyed with their God, for them, it was a long spiritual journey as well. And although none of their footprints can now be found, it is remarkable that each and all of the Divine footprints remain with us. These are the footprints of the principles of holiness which emanated forth from the mouth of the Living God.

Unlocking The Divinity Code: The Grand Unification Theology, The Scientific Evidence of Creation, 258

The Scientific Evidence of Creation is the solid foundation of Theology, and gives it real substance and meaning. What this Evidence does is that it takes us from a Theological Assumption to the realm of the natural, spiritual, and eternal reality. Besides, it corroborates all the claims of the Bible of God’s existence and the revelations of His Divine nature. And, certainly, it gives us absolute confidence and authority to expound great topics such as The Trinity, Sin and Redemption, and The Purpose and Destiny of The Universe.

For the first time, in human history, the Scientific Evidence of Creation has been established

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